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Thursday, 23 January 2020


Last year, 27% of sampled Service spouses/civil partners expressed their views about being part of an Army family. The evidence provided by this survey is made even more compelling if greater numbers reply.

The Army’s aim is to provide spouses and civil partners of Service personnel with an avenue to communicate directly with the senior leadership who are in a position to change military policy. Since FamCAS has been active, it has played a role in the formation and direction of numerous initiatives and projects. This is the only consistent and systematic method used for capturing information on the families of our service personnel. We therefore, highly value your input.
If your spouse/civil partner has been invited to participate please encourage them to complete the postal survey or go online via Google Chrome http://www.tools.mod.uk/survey-checker.html or by scanning the QR code and entering your Service number.

If you are unsure whether you have been invited to participate, please either scan the QR code or go online via Google Chrome http://www.tools.mod.uk/survey-checker.html. If you have not been selected to participate, so you can still leave feedback.