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Thursday, 9 May 2019

Lifting the lid on transition - the families' experience

Lifting the Lid on Transition – The Families’ Experience

The Service Families’ Federations have worked collaboratively on a two-year project which has culminated with the publication of a comprehensive report into the experience of transition https://www.fim-trust.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Transition-Final-Report-FINAL-ONLINE.pdf

The report, funded by the Forces in Mind Trust, has revealed that more awareness about the unique experience and demands of transition is needed for the families of Service leavers. The report, the first to specifically look at the lived experience of Service families, reveals the complex nature of transition and affirms the six ‘elements’ of transition: housing, health, education and children, employment, finances and wellbeing.

For further, Service-specific, information, please contact:

Lucy Heaver
Naval Families Federation

Kate McCullough
Army Families Federation

Louise Briggs
RAF Families Federation

SEND support for families

My child has SEND. We’re moving back to UK…Help!

Moving back to the UK from your overseas posting can leave you with mixed emotions. However, when you have children with SEND this can leave you with additional worries and anxieties. Below are some common questions asked by parents who have children with SEND moving back. To help ease your concerns, we have asked DCYP Assistant Head SEND Services, Anna Vrahimi to answer your questions.

Gambling - Transition Information Sheet number 14

This information sheet seeks to highlight how ingrained and accessible gambling has become in society, and how service personnel (SP) are potentially more vulnerable and at greater risk to the harm that can result from gambling than the general public. This note will not tell you not to gamble but it will highlight the statistical fact that ‘the house always wins’ in the end.

Click HERE for the full article

Thursday, 2 May 2019

First Free Social Media Training Programme for Military Spouses and Partners

Applications Open for First Free Social Media Training Programme for Military Spouses and Partners

For details please visit https://sms.ssvc.com